Sunday 6 March 2016

Man-made Structures

   I'm going to be talking about different types of man-made structures that are in different places 
and in different countries. So lets get started.

   The first structure I will be talking about is Jumeirah beach hotel. It's a hotel in Dubai and right in front of the hotel there's a beach. The building is 104 meters tall. They made the structure like a wave. Also mostly the building is made with glass, steal and other stuff.

      The next structure i'll be talking about is the longest glass bridge ever in China it's not made yet but they will make it soon.The bridge is on top of a canyon it will be very scary if you look down and your scared of heights.It's made with glass and steal to hold it together.

       Do you play with lego? Have you tried to make the tallest lego building ever? Well in Italy thousands of children did. It only took them a week to make it. First they made it as tall as they could then they attached wires to make it stable. It is 35.05 meters.

       Do you like ice? Because the next structure is a ice hotel can you believe that! Your beds will be a big ice cube with a mat on top and an animal fur quilt. When you walk around you will be noticing lots of statues and colourful lights and to get in you have to slide through a hole. It's called hotel de glace and it's in Quebec. 

        Did you learn anything new after reading this?