Friday 22 April 2016


 This post is about dogs. What do you know about them? Did you have any questions about them? Well this post will help you.

  The dog that I will be talking about first is a Westie. Westies bark a lot. Barking is a Westies way of saying they are sad, happy or bored. If you want the dog to stop barking don't yell at it because that will cause the Westie to bark even more. It is better to just stay calm and and firmly tell it to not bark. Then give it a treat when it stops barking. Westies need lots of attention. If they don't receive it they will bark, dig and chew things. Westies love chasing stuff. The faster the animal goes the faster the westie goes.

  The next dog I will be talking about is a labrador. A labrador sheds fur so if you're a person that does not like fur then don't get a dog like that.They are a young breed of dog. They also make good search and rescue dogs. Labradors are known as America's favourite dog. Labradors are also a social breed and basically love everyone. Labradors came from Newfoundland and not Labrador.

   Now I will be talking about chihuahuas. Did you know that a chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog? Chihuahuas are 4 to 9 inches tall and they weigh an average of 4 to 7 pounds. They also are the 18th most popular dog breed. They can also die if the are heart broken.

  My grand parents have a dog and it's a Dashchund named Whiskey. Whiskey is 13 years old (in dog years which is pretty old for a dog.) Dashchunds were bred in 18th century Germany to hunt down lots of small prey. Technically the name means bager hound. I ❤️ him because he is a dog that is part of my family.


Wednesday 6 April 2016

Underwater Creatures

     I love underwater creatures so the next thing I am going to be talking about is creatures that live underwater.

      The first creature I will be talking about is a seahorse. For a seahorse the baby comes out of the dad and not the mom. There are almost 25 different species of seahorses. Tiny, spiny plates cover a seahorse's body all the way down to their curled, flexible tails. The baby seahorse is almost the size of a jelly bean. This is a picture of a rainbow seahorse.

     The next creature I will be talking about is a whale. A whale is a mammal so it needs air to breath but a whale can hold it's breath under water longer then us. To breath, whales have a blowhole on the top of there heads. There are lots of species of whales out there, however they are classified according to the way they feed: baleen whales and toothed whales. Examples of baleen whales are humpback whales, gray whale, and common minke. Toothed whales include killer whales, strap-toothed whales, and spade-toothed whales.

     Can you guess what the next creature is? Well, good job if you got it correct. It's a starfish. Starfish  are marine invertebrates. Did you know there are about 1,500 different types of species? A starfish has five arms, though some species have a larger number of arms. Many of the species are brightly coloured with shades of red or brown and others can be orange, gray and blue.

     The final creature I will be talking about is a jellyfish. Some people in some countries eat jellyfish. They have been here over millions of years ago even before dinosaurs. Jellyfish have no brains because it doesn't think and does not have a heart because it is a simple creature. Jellyfish also does not have an organ or blood.