Tuesday 12 February 2019


Have you ever watched a volleyball match live, on tv or maybe even played yourself. Well, I know I have done all of those. I find volleyball a fun sport to play. Now, I play on a rep team, and hanging out with my team and playing volleyball is so much fun!

Wait a second.... Do you know the history of volleyball and how it was invented? If you don't know, don't worry because that's why I am here.

Let's go way back to the year of 1895 when volleyball was just invented, but remember - it was not referred to as "volleyball" back then. It was originally called mintonette. William G. Morgan, a New Yorker, was the person who had invented volleyball. He created it by combining basketball, tennis, baseball and handball. William even met James Naismith (creator of basketball).

Now let's come back to 2019. Many rules have changed since. One thing that has changed is that there used to be 9 innings in a game, instead of sets (like baseball). Another rule that has changed is that if a server serves the ball and the ball is about to hit the net, someone else on the same team can hit it over. Also any amount of players can play according to where the game takes place.

Today there are way more than 800 million people playing volleyball worldwide. Here is a video that will tell you all about the birth of volleyball!

Friday 8 February 2019

Hazelnut Cake

I love to bake and I thought I should create my own cake recipe. So I made a Hazelnut Cake and just thinking of it makes me hungry! I hope you enjoy!😝