Friday 19 April 2019


Traveling could be fun but it can also be tiering. I have been to many different countries and when it comes to travelling I get excited. Sometimes the long plane ride gets exhausting (trust me I know, I have been on the plane straight for about 13 hrs). So when on a plane always remember to bring things that keep you entertained. Usually I would bring books to read because I love reading, my head phones to listen to music, a device so I can work on things that are enjoyable, and snacks.

I enjoy spending my vacation at a resort. There are many great resorts in Jamaica, Cuba, Punta Cana etc. But I enjoy it best when I travel and explore new countries.

A country that I have been to and was one of my favourites was Singapore. The country was beautiful and there were so many things to do! If you are planning to go to Singapore these are some things you should see.

  1. Night safari
  2. Zoo
  3. Cable car view
  4. Cable car dinner
  5. Breakfast with wildlife
  6. Universal studio
  7. 4D movie
  8. Wax museum
The Singapore airport is amazing as well. When you are just arriving or waiting for your next flight, there is no way you will get board. There is a games centre, a movie theatre, a garden, spa etc. all inside the airport.

So the next time you go on vacation remember to keep this in mind.

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