Monday 11 July 2016

Geronimo Stilton Books

   I am going to tell you about my favourite book.....well here it is it's Geronimo Stilton! I read a few of his books and I loved them so I wanted more to read. My favourite book of his is "The Hunted Castle". I liked this book because it is spooky and does not drag on forever. Now if you don't know who Geronimo Stilton is, well, I will tell you a little bit about him. 

Geronimo Stilton has a younger sister and her name is Thea. Thea Stilton has her own series, which you should check out as well. But, I like Geronimo Stiltons books more. G Stilton (Geronimo Stilton) also has his cousin, Trap, and his favourite nephew, Benjamin, in the books too. Now I will tell you about the scariest person: Creepella von Cracklefur with her pet bat Bitwing. Creepella has her own series of books which are good too. The book that I read is "Fright Night." Also G Stilton's books are technically meant for kids 6-12 years old. G Stiltons books came out Febuary 2004. G Stilton is a mouse who lives on mouse island and works as a newspaper writer at The Rodente's Gazette. In some books it shows Geronimo Stilton's girl friend Petunia and her niece Bugsy Wugsy.
Geronimo Stilton with: Thea, Trap, Benjamin, Petunia and her niece Bugsy Wugsy.

This is Creepella and Bitwing the bat.

So try reading Geronimo Stilton!                                       
                                                                                                   The End 

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