Friday 18 August 2017

World Peace

This world may be filled with good but we all know that the world always has bad. So lets try our best to clear our minds and just pull out all the bad in our own mind because everyone has committed sins and made mistakes but I myself believe, that you can find good in everyone even the most dangerous person in the world. So I just want to ask how many of you want to change, how many of you want to just re-do just one day of your life? Well we cant re-do one day of our life unless someone invents a time machine, but until then put all your bad memories to the side, and think of ways you can help make a difference in your future.

There are many people in this world that don't have food or clothing or even a home and I know you might have herd this many times but I think you should think about them. One way you can change your self for the better is by donating food or clothing to these charities. Or just think about the kids and adults that are lying in the hospitals hoping to get the right treatment so they can go back to their own homes so one thing you can do is just go visit them to make them feel happy. I know that in Canada, Ontario there is a very popular kids hospital called Sick Kids so all I ask is to hop in and check out their life!

I have also heard many complaints about bullying, and my question is why do these people bully is it because they are jealous, they might have got bullied and wanted to bully another kid to make it fair or mabey just because they think it is fun and don't realize how much it hurts the other person. Well I have never been a bully and I have never bullied anyone else, and I may not know how it exactly feels but I have a glimpse of it, and from what I heard I totally know its bad and there should be an end to this terrible behaviour. If you have been bullied then you should come out and tell the bully how you felt using words. You should also not be afraid to tell any adult that you trust what is happening because if you don't it will constantly keep hapening and might even get worse! You might have also herd about cyber bullying that is terrible to one thing you should keep in mind while you are texting is that you should never write a word in capital letters because it is like you are screaming to whoever you wrote it to and it may break your relationship. Don't post anything that might hurt anyone on the internet and don't just click on any add you see (might be a virus). Bullying is just a step down from building on world peace!

Well now you have learned ways to change your self and ways to help creat world peace. If everyone plays a part and changes for the better I promiss our world would change for the better!

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