Saturday 5 January 2019

Bridge of Hope

Did you ever hear about something called the bridge of hope? Have you ever seen a bridge of hope? Well if you haven’t it’s okay because that’s what we are going to talk about right now. There are so many bridges of hope across the world. Have you ever been/seen your parents driving at night and pass by a deer or duck crossing sign? That’s when we have to be careful, because an animal such as a deer can jump out of anywhere within the fraction of a second, and get hit by a vehicle. That’s when a bridge of hope comes in handy. These bridges are only meant for animals. So when we drive on a road there would be a bridge over our heads, filled with trees, food and whatever an animal needs in its habitat. Once these bridges were made, people started observing and monitoring since 1996 and about 11 species of large animals (Elk, cougar, bears etc.) have crossed more than 200,000 times!  In Alberta, Canada there are about 41 wildlife crossing structures. And Netherlands has about 600 wildlife crossing structures. I totally agree with creating these bridges because this can save lives of many animals and sometimes even ours.

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